LeeAnn Wang "Carmen is an amazing and inspirational teacher. As a student who started learning piano at a relatively older age, I was inspired by Carmen's dedication and passion for teaching to work harder at practicing piano and improving my technique. While she is strict and expects continuous improvement from he'd students, Carmen has always been considerate and patient and has never made me feel offended or discouraged from continuing to play piano. She genuinely cares for her students and treats them with the same warmth as a mother would treat her own children. Carmen is not only my piano teacher but my mentor and friend. I am sure that younger and older students alike will find value and satisfaction from learning the art of playing piano from Carmen."

LeeAnn Wang

Larry Wang "Before I came to Carmen my mom always had to force me to practice. After taking lessons with Carmen however I gradually started practicing because I wanted to. Carmen taught me the fundamentals that enabled me to actually enjoy practicing. She showed me that hard work and fun complement each other. She introduced me to the joy of music, and I haven't stopped playing ever since. I go crazy when I can't play piano for a day. Thank you Carmen for being such a wonderful mentor to me!"

Larry Wang

Erika Cao "Carmen has been teaching me for six years. She is such an amazing teacher that taught me so many things and helped my passion for music to grow. When I was in kindergarten my mom told me that I will start taking piano lessons, but I wasn’t enthusiastic. I wasn’t the least interested in learning at all, but then I had my first lesson with her and all of a sudden music became a part of my life, a part of me. She allowed me to really appreciate music and helped me develop the confidence I needed to become a better pianist. She helped me through many challenges even when I thought I can’t accomplish it. I can always count on Carmen to be by my side to guide me. The past six years have been an incredible musical journey for me. Now I play piano all the time whether I am at school or at home."

Erika Cao

Lucu Xie "My son started to learn Piano from Carmen in February 2013. Carmen is a very patient, gentle teacher with high expectations. My son passed two piano tests in two years. The two Christmas piano recitals boosted my son’s confidence and left a lasting memory in his mind. When I happened to notice Carmen’s ad on the local magazine, I didn’t know that what I thought to be just a try with Carmen turned into two years continued commitment. Carmen is very genuine, kind hearted and has a way to deal with kids. We are very sorry to know that she needs to relocate but at the same time we are very fortunate to have Carmen build a good piano foundation for my son.

Lucy Xie

Jessica D. "Carmen is an amazing teacher whose teaching style can be defined by her patience, kindness and passion for piano. She is able to tailor her lessons to each individual pianist, drawing out their strengths and strengthening where they are weak. Her patience fosters perfection and her love for piano is infectious. I would not be the pianist I am today without her."

Jessica D.

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